About Me

Brief Introduction

As a UX Developer Currently Living in Tehran, Most of my Time Focuses around User Experience and User Interfaces for Android Applications; the rest of it is dedicated to coding.

I have a Masters Degree in Computer Software Technologies from SAFAIAU.

I Mostly Work On Projects That Are In Need of a Redesign, Mostly for a Revamped Process on User Experience and User Interface.

How I got into U.X Design

In Augest of 2014, I started to inspect and understand visual elements in the mobile applications of my smartphone. After noticing the design of them, I began enjoying the philosophy of their design along with the way user interacts with them.

I started learning about User Interface Design for Android Platform and the path continued from Tutorial videos from multiple resources about User Experience and the concept behind them explaining various topics such as the way user feels about using an App, to how satisfied he/she is on completing a task.

I enjoyed learning the concept, furthermore, I found many resources (including books/videos & online trainings).

While learning about U.X, I also became interested in prototyping, wire frames and designing U.I of Android Applications

lastly, the result of combining both my knowledges turned out to create some amazing projects which have received commendations from the corresponding developers and other enthusiast designers.

My Educational Life

While I was in highschool it was clear that the ordinary education will not do it. I was craving for more resources seeking education in computer science, consequently, I attended to study for Software Engineering at the National Institute of Information Technology (N.I.I.T) in Tehran; it had eight quarters, each quarter took 3 months aiming at a relevant topic in computer science and I personally believe that it was the best 2 years I spent on educating myself and pushing the limits to beyond what I thought I could do.

After finishing high school, I went to Safadasht Islamic Azad University and studied Computer Software Technologies for the masters degree in which I graduate from in September of 2016

Along the way, I went to many different institutes for special educations but one thing that was the most useful and comprehending to me was reading tutorials and books along with watching educational videos